10 Best YouTube Banner Templates [2021]

Today we’re looking at the 10 Best YouTube Banner Templates for 2021. These gorgeous YouTube Banner designs are a quick and easy
way to add professional looking branding to your YouTube Homepage, without needing to spend hours designing and editing!

All items featured today are available on Envato Elements, an unlimited subscription based service that helps you bring your ideas to life. With full access to millions of digital creative assets, resources and services; simply download whatever you want, as
many times as you want, and use your favourite items to enhance your creative projects.

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Number 10 – Streamer Youtube Channel Art by SlideFactory

At number 10 today, this sleek & futuristic looking Youtube Channel Template is perfect for Gaming, Technology, Gadget and Streaming Channels. With well structured files and easily editable designs, you can create your own eye catching banner in just a few minutes.

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Number 9 – Creative Beauty YouTube Banners by Gioraphics

With 5 ready made design options to choose from, these Youtube Banner templates are perfect for health, beauty, wellness & lifestyle centred content. Easily customise the colours and text to suit your branding for a stylish and professional result in no time.

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Number 8 – ADL Youtube Banner v3.11 by adilbudianto

At number 8 today, we have aclean & minimalistic Youtube Banner design that utilises gorgeous colours & whimsical vector shapes to beautifully highlight your profile photo or Youtube Logo. With fully editable options in both Photoshop and Illustrator, this template is sure to impress any audience.

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Number 7 – 3 Youtube Banners – Gaming Channel Art V3 by SupremeTones

Next up we have a punchy Youtube Banner pack designed specifically for Gaming Channels. With 3 bold templates to choose from, just update the smart object with your text & logo to reveal a grungy and graphic looking Youtube Banner, customised to your channel needs!

Source: Link

Number 6 – Streamer Channel Youtube Banner Template by nmc2010

At number 6 today we have a fun & playful Youtube Banner Template pack that’s perfect for your Streaming Channel needs. With 5 easily editable designs to choose from, this pack makes it effortless to create your own awesome looking banner in just a few minutes!

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Number 5 – Picibo Inc Youtube Banner by karkunstudio

Next up we have an edgy geometric Youtube Banner template pack. With 7 creative banner designs to choose from & easily navigatable Photoshop & Illustrator Files, these banner designs are perfectly suited to fashion & lifestyle based channels.

Source: Link

Number 4 – Memphis Youtube Cover by uicreativenet

At number four we have a pack of bright & poppy Youtube Cover Art designs that will make your Channel stand out online. Easily customisable and with 4 beautifully organised Photoshop Files to choose from, these templates will help you deliver clean and crisp Banner Art to your audiences without any fuss.

Source: Link

Number 3 – Fashion Youtube Banners by Gioraphics

Next up we have a bright and airy Youtube Channel Banner that combines gorgeous organic shapes with classy typography & design, to help you create your own awesome-looking banners in just a few minutes. With both Illustrator & Photoshop editing options, fully customisable vector shapes and a High Resolution output, this pack would be perfect for fashion, photography, lifestyle and travel creators.

Source: Link

Number 2 – Gaming Channel- Youtube Banner Template by nmc2010

Up next we have Youtube Cover Art that’s perfect for Live Streaming, Music or gaming creators. With a vintage neon gaming aesthetic, these templates let you effortlessly incorporate your own imagery and logos, making it super easy to create your own incredible banners in no time.

Source: Link

Number 1 – Youtube Creative Cover V.1 by micromove

At number 01 today we have a clean, professional and responsive YouTube Banner Template that will capture your audiences attention right from the start. With 6 creative layouts, high resolution output and easy customisation, this template would be fantastic for Photographers, Artists or Musicians.

Source: Link

That wraps up the roundup of the 10 Best YouTube Banner Templates for 2021. Did any of those items stand out to you? Let us know your favorite in the comments below & open the video description for links to all of the items shown here today. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the Envato youtube channel for more helpful roundups, and check out the next video selected just for you!

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