10 Best Video Openers for DaVinci Resolve

From the colorful, to the creative, openers help get your video projects off on the right foot. Whether it’s a film, TV show, or Twitch stream, communicating your brand quickly at the outset can do wonders for building a connection to your audience. But building one from scratch can be an overwhelming prospect. Which is why we have a library of thousands of opener templates ready for you to use. All you need to do with them is insert the visuals you want, your copy, your logo, and adjust the colors to your liking. But with so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you?

You watch this video, of course. So, sit back, and relax as we take a look at the 10 Best Video Openers for DaVinci Resolve.

All items featured in this list are available on Envato Elements. An unlimited subscription service that helps bring ideas to life. With access to millions of design assets and services, simply download whatever items you want, as many times as you want, to enhance your creative projects.

Number 10 – Ink Opener for DaVinci Resolve by Motion4

Create an epic opening sequence with this ink style opener by Motion4.

With stunning detail in the ink animation, it’s an elegant and effective way to start your work. The masking around your chosen images and videos is highly realistic, with the ink drop slowly dispersing to reveal your media. There are different layouts to choose from, all featuring elegant text placeholders. And it all makes for an opener perfect for a TV show or film. Get things off on the right foot with this one.

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Number 9 – Modern Stylish Intro by Powerbag

Go for something that pushes the envelope with this Modern Stylish Intro by Powerbag.

Making use of an edgy, brutalist aesthetic, this opener features chunky fonts, bold colors, experimental color overlays, with smooth but eye catching animations. It’ll draw easy focus to your visuals, and your copy, seamlessly combining your words and images in ultra creative ways. It consistently challenges the eye, using creative layouts, and a unique combination of layers, and it’s short and snappy. There are 20 editable text layers, 9 photo or video placeholders, and a final logo placeholder. Command some attention with this one.

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Number 8 – Sport Promo by keepmotion

Brighten things up with this fresh, easy going opener by keepmotion.

Built with sports in mind, it’s completely versatile, with glitches that aren’t overwhelming, floating elements that animate smoothly, and a simple sans serif font for the copy. There are 13 media placeholders for images or video, and 9 text placeholders. The colors are minimal but editable. And the whole thing uses full high definition, and runs 30 seconds. Whether it’s an opener or an ad you’re creating, it’s fast paced, and modern. And yet the smooth wipes, and subtle glitches make it fresh, eye-catching and easy to watch. Draw the right attention with this one.

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Number 7 – Fast Opener for Davinci Resolve by zenomade

Perfect for a quick YouTube or segment opener, Fast Opener by zenomade focuses mainly on bringing your text or logo to life.

Featuring a gradient and chunky text, it’s incredibly simple, but does a lot with the animation and layouts it features. In just 10 seconds, it can quickly and effortlessly establish your brand. The colors and fonts are editable, blending seamlessly into your chosen style. Pop it at the beginning or the end of your video, and let people know who you are in just seconds. Create something fresh and fast with this one.

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Number 6 – Glitch Sports Opener by Power_Bank

Perfect for an opener with edge, Glitch Sports Opener by Power_Bank has some grunt to it.

Featuring 36 media placeholders, 10 text placeholders, creative layouts and glitch effects, watch this template blend your content together into something modern and powerful. There are no plugins required, just drag your images or video into place, and insert your desired text into the relevant placeholders. The opener features a modular structure, so you can arrange each scene where you want it in the timeline. It’s perfect for openers, promos, presentations, slideshows, fashion intros, vlogs and ads for things like gyms. Make your opener fit for purpose with this one.

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Number 5 – Dynamic Opener by almaz_aidarbekov

Fresh and elegant, this Dynamic Opener fits into the urban style, and is smooth and attention grabbing.

Seamlessly synchronizing your photos, videos and text, it features 16 media placeholders, 25 editable text layers, and more. With stunning gradient overlays, subtle glitch elements, and creative use of sizing, zoom effects, and blurs, it’s constantly shifting the focus of the eye, to bring out your copy and visuals. It can easily work for fast slideshows, modern fashion promos, social media ads, and as YouTube video bumpers. Set the stage for your brand with this one.

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Number 4 – Fashion Opener by MotionBull

Deceptively simple, Fashion Opener by MotionBull blends minimal text placeholders and visuals with smart movement and layouts.

Featuring placeholders for videos, images, and text, watch this template use smart motion effects, including zooms, pulses, and more, to bring your work to life. Communicate a lot in a short time with these fast transitioning, single word placeholders, highlighting words related to your brand. And watch each scene merge into the next, with the creative layouts offered in this project featuring gradient overlays, ripple effects and more. Communicate your brand quickly with this one.

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Number 3 – Hip Hop Intro by GR_studi0

Featuring everything from VHS effects, fish eye transitions, and more, this quick 10 second Hip Hop Intro by GR_studi0 does a lot in a short amount of time.

Perfect for skateboarding brands, trendy fashion stores, among other things, this template employs color overlays, warp effects, ripples, and even old school VHS lines of distortion. But all in an incredibly smooth and modern way. With image and video placeholders, and text placeholders where each letter floats into its spot, this opener is versatile, and playful. While it moves quickly through different assets, it’s never too much to take in, giving you the opportunity to insert visuals and copy related to your brand, and know it’ll be digestible for the audience. Great as a YouTube opener, or even a social media ad, it’s deceptively simple, and has just the right amount of edge. Set yourself up right with this one.

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Number 2 – Urban Opener by JoeProduction

Urban Opener by JoeProduction is a seriously high quality set of openers.

Featuring 12 second and 23 second versions, it confidently merges stunning visuals with equally stunning animation and layouts. The placeholders for the videos and images are sophisticated, blending together, and transitioning seamlessly. Their behaviour even affects the text placeholders, which themselves have different textures applied. There are subtle glitch effects, pattern overlays, and subtle color overlays. The pack features 17 placeholders in the longer version, and 9 in the shorter one. There’s a free font included, and it’s all full HD. Flex your creativity a bit, with this one.

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Number 1 – Typo Logo | For DaVinci Resolve by Proskurovskiy

Focus on the words with this Type Logo opener by Proskurovskiy.

Bold and stylish, this high energy stomp opener uses striking text in a simple yet effective way. It’s bright, colorful, and brave in its simplicity, quickly transitioning from word to word, to different arrangements of them, including stroked versions, repeated copies, and ending on either your typed out brand name or logo. The fast typography style makes it perfect for social media, where often videos are played on mute until people choose to interact with them. And it’s great for getting your message across in just a few seconds. Just insert your copy, pick your colors, and watch this template turn it into something impressive. Command some attention with this one.

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And that wraps up our list of the 10 Best Video Openers for DaVinci Resolve. Which item was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Check out the description for links to all the items shown today. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Evnato channel for more roundups. And check out the next video, selected just for you.

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