10 Best Video Opener Templates [2021]

Movies, TV shows, corporate presentations, social media marketing videos and plenty of other media productions use openers as a way of engaging viewers from the very first moment their eyes lock with the screen. Here you’ll find a list of Envato Elements top 10 best video opener templates for creatives.

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Number 10 – Stomped Opener | For Premiere PRO by Pixamins

Stomped is a video opener template with a passion for high impact design. The use of geometric shapes, fast transitions and dynamic text makes for a highly engaging and informative opening visual.

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Number 9 – Sport by Afterdarkness75

The use of filters and glitches means this fast-paced opener is perfect for sports event promos, sporting product marketing, adventure or fitness influencer content and much more! From biking to sprints and everything in between, this energetic opener template won’t disappoint.

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Number 8 – Fast & Clean Opener by BRAXXU

This is one of the most easy-to-use opener templates available. Simply edit the text sections, drag and drop your chosen media and hit ‘render’. That’s it! This template is also highly versatile as it includes 48 editable text layers, 40 media placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder.

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Number 7 – Modern Clean Typography | Kinetic Promo by northtosouth

Pack a punch with the perfect opener for how-to videos, creative media-based brand statements and vibrant social media video ads. True to its name, the typography in this template is clean, crisp and contemporary.

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Number 6 – Dynamic Transitions Opener by snowcake

Available in two versions, HD and 4K, this beautifully designed template is compatible with both colour and black and white video, allowing editors to get extra creative with contrasting elements. It’s a multipurpose template with options for including both videos and images.

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Number 5 – Neon by EvgenysFx

Illuminate your brand messaging with this high-voltage typography opener template. A dark background is the perfect setting for the bright energy-filled text of this template to truly come to life.

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Number 4 – Glitch Opener by Quarz

The colourful glitch effect embedded throughout this opener template will add cinematic value to any video production. From promos to music videos and a range of other media projects, you can easily edit your existing footage to suit your needs.

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Number 3 – Marketing Agency Promo by MotionMediaGroup

Whether you’re launching a new business or promoting an existing one, this opener template for Premiere Pro is perfect for guiding the audiences focus to your brand, product or service. The circular theme of this template is pleasing to the eye and the colours and other elements are fully editable.

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Number 2 – Grip Modern Gradient Typography Opener Promotion Instagram Stories by DefMode

This trendy pack is perfect for influencers and brands with an active social media presence. Introducing followers to an exclusive vlog, launching a new product or simply putting your content out there for the world to see has never been easier or more stylish than with the help of this template.

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Number 1 – Urban Opener by Power_Bank

This opener template is jampacked with all the editing essentials a content creator could need! 11 media placeholders, 19 text placeholders and a dynamic, modern theme work together to bring you an easily customisable opener for your media channel.

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