10 Best Video Backgrounds [2021]

Today, we’re taking a look at the 10 Best Video Backgrounds for 2021. These professional, sleek and exciting video backgrounds are specifically designed to grab your audiences attention, and to help you make sure you’re putting your best foot forward! All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description Below.

Number 10 – Looping Film Strip Background by Grey_Coast_Media

If you’re looking for an easy way to add that vintage film aesthetic to your video work, this loop able background video is all you’ll need. Simply overlay it onto your existing images or video content and adjust your blending modes to achieve a realistic retro film look, complete with sprocket holes, dust and scratches!

Source: Link

Number 9 – Maths Background by stockfactory

At number 9 today, we have a video background perfect for science, engineering and mathematic presentations. With animated overlapping geometry flying towards you on screen, and an easily layer-able black and white design, this video can be added over any imagery to give your footage that maths genius effect.

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Number 8 – Galaxy by smhymc

At number 8 today, this cinematic swirling galaxy video is the perfect background for any astronomy buff. With realistic loop-able animation, this Full HD video would be perfect as an intro to any space themed video work.

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Number 7 – Abstract Background by TechMovies

If you have content needing a calming loop-able background that doesn’t draw to much attention to itself, why not try this 4K ultra HD abstract video. With mesmerising fluid movements and an organic flowing effect, this seamless wave would perfectly accompany any pre-existing content.

Source: Link

Number 6 – Global technology world map by Baldasaridstock

Evocative of information travelling across a digital network, our next video background is a futuristic matrix of animated pixels. This video would work well in business or corporate settings or as a News intro clip for YouTube videos or online content.

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Number 5 – Future Technology Video Frame by MappingTheory

At Number Five, we have a video frame straight from the future. With a holographic glitchy border, this background video would work well layered across 1st person POV footage, transporting the viewer into the world of your stories characters.

Source: Link

Number 4 – Glittering Particles by Pixelmatte

If you’re looking for a magical glittery background that can add a touch of whimsy to your video work, look no further than this elegant, Full HD and easily loop-able backing video. With sleek glimmering particles and light flares on a simple black background, this video is a great all rounder for any application!

Source: Link

Number 3 – 80’s Abstract Retro Futuristic Background by FlashMovie

Next up, we have this stunning neon cyberpunk background video. With gorgeous 80s design elements animated throughout. This 4K video would be an excellent additional to any retro themed music videos, fashion videos or corporate work.

Source: Link

Number 2 – Retro Abstract Futuristic Abstract Tunnel in Cyberspace by DC_Studio

This ultramodern and versatile 4K animated background, has a unique and eye catching aesthetic, with just a touch of retro! Perfect for replacing green screens in video content, this background can help you transport your video work to the future!

Source: Link

Number 1 – Gold Particles by smhymc

Next up we have another elegant shimmery video background. With Gold Particles and beams of light floating up through the frame,
this video background has a joyful and celebratory feeling and would be great video background for your sales and promotion needs.

Source: Link

That wraps up the roundup of the 10 Best Video Backgrounds for 2021 Video. Did any of those items capture your imagination? Let us know your favorite in the comments below and open the video description for links to all of the items shown here today. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the Envato youtube channel for more helpful roundups, and check out the next video selected just for you!

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