10 Best Travel Slideshow Templates [2021]

Blogging, advertising, magazines, YouTube vlogs, Insta accounts, a large number of these creative outlets all around the world feature a heavy focus on travel. If you’re a creative in the travel industry, this Envato Elements top 10 best travel slideshow templates countdown is the perfect resource for you!

All items featured are available on Envato Elements, a subscription-based service that will give you access to more than a million creative assets that will make you save time, money, and general resources. From video stock, fonts, powerpoint templates and everything in between to enhance your projects. Find the link in the description below.

Number 10 – Travel Slideshow by graphicINmotion

This beautiful scrapbook style travel slideshow template is a highly customisable way to show off your travel photos, share inspo for your next destination and tell your personal travel story. A tutorial is included to help editors of all skill levels.

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Number 9 – Travel Timeline by Media_Stock

Modern shapes, colours and other elements come together with classy text to highlight travel memories in both still image and video form. It’s perfect for sharing moments to a YouTube travel vlog or other social media platform.

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Number 8 – Summer Travel by vals_valley

It’s time to reminisce about summer vacation with this light, bright and beautiful travel slideshow template. It’s practically glowing with the warmth of a hot summer getaway. Use it to create ads and other marketing material for your next summer travel campaign.

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Number 7 – Travel Opener by Afterdarkness75

This cinematic slideshow template is a fantastic resource for video editors working on travel documentaries. It’s an upbeat, dynamic intro style production that creates an air of excitement and electricity in the minds of viewers that’s perfect for travel shows.

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Number 6 – Amazing TRAVEL by Motion_LAB

Colourful and contemporary with trendy transitioning effects on each slide, this template is easy to edit, simple to use and super fun to watch. It perfectly captures the buzz of a thrilling adventure. We hope you’re enjoying this Envato Elements top 10 best travel slideshow templates countdown so far!

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Number 5 – Travel Slideshow by MographMotions

Add a little retro vibe to your next travel video production with the old-school filters, brushstroke elements and generally nostalgic feel of this travel slideshow template. Pop your own personal images into the templates or create a video with stock images, either option will work.

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Number 4 – Travel Slideshow by Motion-Bear An elegant, clean slideshow awaits

An elegant, clean slideshow awaits your audience when you utilise the elements within this stunning template. From the filters to the titles and everything in between, this travel template screams modern sophistication.

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Number 3 – Travel Slideshow by Quarz

Easy to edit, no plugins required, modular structure and a well organised layout. What more could you need in a travel video promo template? It’s perfect for showreels, openers, event screenings and more!

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Number 2 – Travel And Adventure by aslar

Adventure, travel, freedom and fun are the main visual themes of this travel slideshow template for After Effects. Whether you’re promoting a holiday destination or creating a video to reminisce about your last travel experience, this template will not disappoint.

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Number 1 – Modern and Fast Travel Portfolio by markon

This travel slideshow template is packed full of 41 image and video placeholders, includes After Effects files compatible with all languages, doesn’t require any plugins and makes experimenting with colourful elements a breeze! It’s no wonder this is the number 1 slideshow on this countdown!

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Alas, we’ve reached the end of our Envato Elements top 10 best travel slideshow templates countdown spectacular. Did any of these templates stand out as your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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Ready, set, adventure!

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