10 Best Texture Effects for Photoshop & Illustrator [2021]

Sometimes the quality of the design doesn’t need much to be lifted from amateur to professional. It might mean a little refinement here, a little better use of color there. But often, the difference is subtle. Texture effects are one way of elevating an image. Whether it’s a brush stroke, a retro texture, or a snow overlay, different textures can be the cherry on top of a good design. And with texture effects, built for Photoshop and Illustrator, you can achieve fantastic results in seconds.

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Because this is our list of the 10 Best Texture Effects for Photoshop and Illustrator. All items featured in this list are available on Envato Elements. An unlimited subscription service that helps bring ideas to life. With access to millions of design assets and services, simply download whatever items you want, as many times as you want, to enhance your creative projects.

Number 10 – Poster Press – Screen-Print Creator by JRChild

Turn your designs into rustic illustrations with this Poster Press template by JRChild. The pack contains authentic looking, messy ink textures and frame brushes, which were all made from real printed ink. They’ve all been packaged into one-click graphic styles so you can transform your designs and illustrations in seconds. All the textures and frames can be adjusted after application, and you can even try laying multiple textures or different brush and texture combinations to further customize the look. The pack contains 11 frame brushes, 12 texture patterns and 12 one-click graphic styles. Get tastefully messy with this one.

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Number 9 – 29 Hand Draw Vector Texture Brushes by jenteva

Give it that hand crafted feel with these vector grain textures by jenteva. With 29 grain and texture brushes, built for Adobe Illustrator, add a subtle depth to your illustrations. With varying degrees of shading density, texture, and grunginess, these brushes are perfect for shading. And with strategically messy vector patterns, each brush looks bespoke, adding a sense of grunginess. The brushes are perfect for shading, or simply adding an extra layer to your artwork. And they’re all compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC 17 and above. Go for authenticity with this one.

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Number 8 – Shine On – Retro Advertisement Kit by ivanrosenberg

Shine On – Retro Advertisement Kit is inspired by famous matchcovers from the 1940s and 50s. With a resurgence of matchbox design, simulating that retro texture effect has never been more in vogue. From advertising to artwork in people’s homes, the design style is popping up everywhere, making this pack a must-have. Featuring 6 dust and scratch textures, 6 halftone textures, 4 line textures, 4 paper textures, 6 paper backgrounds, and 5 canvas backgrounds, it’s filled with tools to flesh out your design. And built in the vector format, they’re all high resolution and ready to use in Adobe Illustrator. Go back in time with this one.

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Number 7 – 20 Snow Overlay Textures

For many, winter’s just around the corner. And using this item, it can be here all year round. This set of 20 snow overlays is built for Photoshop, creating elegant snowflakes in an instant. Save yourself from creating the effect from scratch with this pack of 20 overlays that lift your scene into something cinematic in seconds. It comes in PNG and PSD format, with smart objects underneath to drop your images into. Choose how much snow you want in the scene, and how big, clear or blurry the flakes are, and watch it blend in with your image. It’ll blow you away. Winter is coming with this one.

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Number 6 – Misprinter for Adobe Photoshop by guerillacraft

Make astonishing screen print graphics in seconds with Misprinter by guerillacraft. Featuring 19 layer styles, 80 high-resolution textures, smart Photoshop Actions, and free seamless texture patterns, create stylish and believable printer tracks with this pack. It’s easy to use, requiring only basic Photoshop skills. The intelligent PSD file helps you with the color layer separation, with every color on a separate layer, giving you easy control. And it gives you the ability to control all the details you want without messing up the resolution or quality of the image. All layers are arranged as a sandwich, so it’s similar to real screen printing. You just cut out the object from your image, place it in the smart object and save. Create incredibly high quality designs with this one.

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Number 5 – Alter Ego Halftone Photoshop Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic

Find the other side of your images with this Alter Ego Halftone pack by pixelbuddha_graphic. Designed following the alter ego concept, this pack of halftone patterns and textures gives your the ability to see a whole different side of your images. From art-pop style to retro newspaper printing, lift the style of your visuals to a new level with this pack. With 2- halftone patterns, 10 halftone textures, 5 surface textures, and 40 gradients, find out why this is a favorite Photoshop Action among artists. From posters, to banners, to ads and branding, creating stunning, arty designs today with this one.

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Number 4 – The Ultimate Texture Brush Library by JRChild

Draw realistic looking brush strokes with this texture pack by JRChild. From rough outlines to chunky textures and shades, this pack arms you with a vast array of brush tools to simulate whatever look you want. Designed as vector brushes, you can draw as big or as small as you want without ruining the resolution. And with everything from outline, short, large and scatter brushes, you’ll easily add a flourish to your designs. Whether it’s street art or illustrations for a kids book, you’ll find a place to use this one.

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Number 3 – Vintage Atomic Texture Brushes by adrianpelletier

Vintage Atomic Texture Brushes includes 20 unique grunge designs that can easily be used with Photoshop’s brush tool. Perfect for adding that vintage, worn feel to a design, you can mix textures, colors and more to create endless combinations that look like real textures. The pack includes 20 brushes, mockup designs, and bonus original image scans you can modify and create your own textures with. They’re all neatly packaged with instructions to get you started, and the results are stunning. Get that beautifully aged feel with this one.

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Number 2 – Action Painting Textures

From marble to paint splatterings, give your project some character with Action Painting Texture by guerillacraft. Great for creating backgrounds for business cards, invitations, lettering and more, his item empowers you to get creative and create something truly your own. With 30 hand-made vector textures that can work in Illustrator or Photoshop, it’s versatile and will fit into your workflow. And, being high resolution, you can push this to work for everything from phone covers to allpapers. Just add the texture and choose the right colors, and you’re good to go. Be bold and get creative with this one.

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Number 1 – Poster Studio for Photoshop by MiksKS

Simulate the style of posters on the street with Poster Studio for Photoshop by MiksKS. Using a fully editable PSD template with smart object replacement, The Poster Studio tool allows you to add your own design and watch it work. There are 32 poster textures to choose from, with pattern overlays and torn paper brushes. The templates simulate the look of a badly glued to the wall poster outside a gig venue, adding a realistic dimension to the design. And you can choose from 6 subtle seamless cardboard and grit overlays with editable scale, and 10 torn paper brushes. Plus there are 10 tape pieces provided as layered PSD files with an option to modify the color of the tape. Get comfortably edgy with this kit.

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And that wraps up our list of the 10 Best Texture Effects for Photoshop and Illustrator. Which item was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Check out the description for links to all the items shown today. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Envato channel for more roundups. And check out the next video selected just for you.

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