10 Best Sound Effects [2021]

Today we’re looking at the 10 Best Sound Effect Packs for 2021. This list of punchy top tier sound effects can be perfectly incorporated into any kind of media project and are perfectly suited to help you elevate any content you create. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description Below.

Number 10 – Essential Videogame Sound Pack by JiltedGeneration

Perfect for game developers, these sound effects are an essential tool in any fantasy game creators arsenal. The 26 bright and whimsical sounds can be utilised in a variety of ways; denoting Game Errors, New Levels, New Abilities and Power-Ups to name a few.

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Number 9 – Trailer Rise Sound Pack by JiltedGeneration

If you’ve got some footage set in Space or based in a sci-fi world, this pack of sound effects could really help you sell the setting! These 6 unique sound effect options combine driving grungy beats to effectively build a slow crescendo of suspense into an explosive ending.

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Number 8 – Infographic by TibaSFX

At number 8, these 21 short and sharp infographic sound effects are easy to loop and could work well as a single effect or throughout a larger work. With sounds ranging from The ding of a cash register and the scratch of a Marker, to the sparkling of a diamond, these sounds can easily be effectively utilised to help you transition scenes or emphasise lower thirds.

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Number 7 – Fast Swooshes Pack by JiltedGeneration

Our next sound effect pack has a variety of easily loopable swooshes that would be perfectly suited to accompany edit transitions in any video content creation. These additions will easily help to give your final video a punchier and more professional result.

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Number 6 – Infographics Pack by JiltedGeneration

This next pack of infographic audio tracks has a whopping 50 different options to choose from! With Sound Effects perfect
for Phone Alert notifications, E-Commerce buttons, & Video Game actions there is something here for every need.

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Number 5 – Super Plops Pack by Cinematic_Designs

At number 5 we have a simple but effective popping bubble effect. These tracks could suit a myriad of uses and would work wonderfully to help depict speech bubbles, or to emphasise pop up messages & advertisements.

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Number 4 – Whoosh Swoosh To Hit Impact Pack 8 by JiltedGeneration

Next up we have this sci-fi and electronica sound effects pack that builds grungy metallic sounds to a heavy hitting drop. With 20 variations to choose from, these sounds would be perfect as underlying scores across short video teasers for your next Sci-Fi Project.

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Number 3 – Forest Birds Sound Pack by JiltedGeneration

At number three we have a 10 pack of relaxing diegetic audio tracks set in a variety or forest location. The calmness of these track would be perfect for use over meditation podcasts or simply as diegetic audio in documentaries and films.

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Number 2 – Game Interface and Achievement Pack 2 by GameChestAudio

Our next pack includes sound effects that can be added to your next video game creation. With interactive sounds that help provide feedback during game play, these sounds range from winning fanfares to rewards and bonus point sounds.

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Number 01 – Complete Phone Tones Pack by SchwartzSound

Do you have a video clip that needs dial tones, busy tones, off the hook tones, specific number tones or any other phone related sound effects? Then this is the pack for you. With a huge collection of phone sounds at a variety of speeds and durations, there is something here to suit any and all phone scenes that you need to create!

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That wraps up the roundup of the 10 Best Sound Effect Packs for 2021. Did any of those items capture your imagination? Let us know your favorite in the comments below and open the video description for links to all of the items shown here today. Don’t
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