10 Best Slideshow Video Templates [2021]

Today we’re looking at the ‘10 Best Slideshow Video Templates for 2021’. This gorgeous selection of items will help you enhance the look and feel of your photography, helping you to achieve stunning results.

All items featured today are available on Envato Elements, an unlimited subscription based service that helps you bring your ideas to life. With full access to millions of digital creative assets, resources and services; simply download whatever you want, as many times as you want, and use your favorite items to enhance your creative projects. Find the perfect plan for you or your business by clicking the link in the description below.

Number 10 – Instagram Slideshow Pack by BRAXXU

At number 10 today, this clean, colourful and rhythmic video template makes is easy catch your audiences attention. With a variety of edit options to choose from, it’s the perfect way to drum up attention around a new product, event, or company!

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Number 9 – Slideshow by motiongray

Our next stylish video template will help you bring a gritty contemporary edge to your next photography slide show. At just over a minute long and easily editable using After Effects, it’s the perfect way to easily and stylishly present a stunning photo highlights reel to any audience.

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Number 8 – Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow by TranSMaxX

At number 8 today, we have a charming retro inspired premier pro template that combines a customisable animated photographic contact sheet, with gorgeous colour and textural overlays. This template could be used in a range of settings, from weddings and birthdays to corporate presentations.

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Number 7 – Minimal Slideshow | Presentation by i-Minimalist

Our next pack of Video template is a super simple and easy to use Premier Pro slideshow pack, that’s easy to customise to suit your needs. Simply add text, quotes, or bold statements along with your own imagery to add a bit of something extra to business presentations or product promos.

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Number 6 – Soft Modern Slideshow by TranSMaxX

This After-Effects slideshow template is a must-have for wedding photos, fashion slideshows and memory albums alike. With beautiful soft transitions and creative design, its sure to make your images stand out from the crowd!

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Number 5 – Particles Slideshow by miko

Next up we have a stunning slideshow template that will take your transitions to the next level. With 20 placeholder images, duration flexibility and customizable control, getting a video to suit your needs is a breeze!

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Number 4 – Warp Slideshow | For Final Cut & Apple Motion by Proskurovskiy

Up next we have a video slideshow that’s perfect for corporate videos, tourism promos, wedding or anniversary slideshows. With create warp transitions, watch as your images and distort into the next in a very memorable way!

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Number 3 – Techno Slideshow Digital Inspiration by TranSMaxX

At number 3 we have futuristic sci-fi video template. A fantastic video slideshoe for science, medicine, sports or action based content, this Full HD template has a clean modular structure and drag and drop functionality that makes editing and rendering super simple!

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Number 2 – This is Slideshow by motionshape

This modern, social media-friendly video slideshow is a great way to share your travel, holiday or family photos. With 5 versions to choose from; lengths, text, and color are entirely up to you!

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Number 1 – Photo Slideshow by Mary_mc

At number 01 today we have a polaroid style video template with a hint of retro nostalgia. With gorgeous animation and space to add your own text, this template lets your show off your snaps in a fun and engaging way.

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That wraps up the roundup of the ‘10 Best Slideshow Video Templates for 2021’. Did any of those items stand out to you? Let us know your favorite in the comments below and open the video description for links to all of the items shown here today. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel for more helpful roundups, and check out the next video selected just for you!

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