10 Best Shopify Themes [2021]

In the US alone, Shopify hosts over a million live stores in 2021. Creating a Shopify store doesn’t have to be a tricky process, not when you’ve got the themes included in this Envato Elements top 10 best Shopify themes countdown at your disposal.

All items featured are available on Envato Elements, a subscription-based service that will give you access to more than a million creative assets that will help you save time, money and general resources. Subscriptions include video stock, fonts, PowerPoint templates and everything in between to enhance your projects. Find the link in the description below.

Number 10 – Drone – Single Product Shopify Theme by ApusTheme

A fantastic Shopify theme that’s perfect for tech related stores is starting off our countdown today. Unlimited color choices, 5 style variations, easily customisable features and a range of other perks make this a great resource for amateur website builders.

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Number 9 – Young – Multipurpose Shopify Theme by codecarnival

Hairstylists, photographers, electronics stores, creative agencies, food retailers, this is a Shopify theme that’s so versatile, it can support just about any business across a range of industries. The list of features is way too long to mention, so be sure to check it out if you need a multipurpose theme for your site.

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Number 8 – Harmic – Organic Food Shopify Theme by codecarnival

Well-built and streamlined, this is one of our favorite Shopify themes for putting delicious food in the spotlight. From hospitality venues to agricultural suppliers and more, this theme will help put your food on the table.

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Number 7 – Furtop – Minamal Furniture Shopify Theme by codecarnival

Easy customization is at the heart of this Shopify theme for furniture retailers. The minimalist style, compatibility and unique design options make this a highly coveted resource for website builders and small business owners.

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Number 6 – Renoxa – Multipurpose E-commerce Shopify Template by eptheme

An innovative web development solution, Renoxa makes building a user-friendly and fully responsive Shopify store an absolute breeze. It’s perfect for ecommerce ventures of all shapes and sizes.

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Number 5 – Deyla – Skincare Cosmetics Shopify Theme by BuddhaThemes

If you’re looking to start your own online cosmetics hub or you’re a web developer who specializes in creating websites for the beauty industry, this stylish Shopify theme is going to be pure gold in your toolkit.

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Number 4 – Foodly – One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop by Olia-Roma

The SEO friendly layout, well-designed landing page, Google Analytics and Mailchimp integrations included in this Shopify theme is the perfect combination of features to support a successful marketing strategy for food related businesses.

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Number 3 – Phuler – Flower Shop Shopify Theme by codecarnival

This gorgeous theme has been created specially to suit flower stores, florist businesses and online bouquet delivery services. Whether your business supplies fresh flowers in bulk, small gift deliveries or anything in between, this is the Shopify theme for you.

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Number 2 – Elise – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Shopify Theme by CleverSoft

This is a truly multi-concept Shopify theme that can honestly cater to any industry. From jewelry to cosmetics, tech to children’s toys, food to clothing and anything you can think of, this theme will support it.

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Number 1 – MolteStore – Multi Store Responsive Shopify Theme by ShopiLaunch

Sleek, professional and fully responsive, this is one of the most versatile, innovative Shopify themes we’ve found in the Envato collection. It’s super simple to customize and contains hundreds of awesome website features.

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Well, we’ve come to end of our Envato Elements top 10 best Shopify themes countdown Did you think we chose the right theme as the number 1 entry? Let us know in the comments! Like, share and subscribe to keep up to date with all things Envato as we continue to make helpful resources for creatives like yourself.

Check out the next video in the queue before you go, it’s been chosen just for you. You can find all the best Shopify themes in this list by subscribing to Envato Elements and we wish you all best with your website building endeavors!

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