10 Best Royalty Free Retro Music Tracks [2021]

Music can often be the backbone behind a show stopping production. Set the right tone with this incredible range of royalty free music on our Envato Elements top 10 best royalty free retro music tracks countdown.

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Number 10 – Surf by TexasBrother

With classic, surfer Americana vibes, the retro royalty free music track kicking off our list is perfect for those projects that need a little 1950s or 60s backing track to really set a beachy scene.

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Number 9 – The Funk by EightBallAudio

Disco, funk, soul – it’s all captured throughout the upbeat melody of this groovy tune. It’s perfectly suited to IG reels and stories or TikToks that need a little slice of background audio to create a retro vibe for the audience.

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Number 8 – 1960’s Retro Spy by BrownHouseMedia

This psychedelic rock style audio track comes to us straight out of the 60s with a sense of confidence and adventure that’s hard to ignore. As the name suggests, it’s the perfect intro track for a vintage-style spy film or TV series.

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Number 7 – Unrestrained Swing Jazz by EasyTunes

The number 7 track on our Envato Elements top 10 best royalty free music tracks countdown is upbeat, fun and fabulous. It promotes a positive mood and uplifting demeanour that will lend itself well to corporate functions and other gatherings.

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Number 6 – Electronic Disco Nights by lucafrancini

The synthie, electronic sounds in this track are perfect for setting the scene in a modern, futuristic video game or a dramatic, action-packed sci-fi film.

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Number 5 – Big Band Serenade by CineMedia

Big, bold sounds reminiscent of the brass bands of the 30s, 40s and 50s flow throughout this track in such a grand fashion. This tune can be set to a range of uses like film intros, advertising videos and much more.

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Number 4 – Retro Groovy by EightBallAudio

The groovy, jazzy sounds that emerge throughout this track create a chilled, relaxed vibe that lends itself to many purposes. It’s a fantastic sound to use as background audio for business meetings and presentations, as well as for personal projects.

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Number 3 – The 80 by StudioKolomna

The synth pop sounds of the 80s are truly brought to life in this royalty free music track. An energetic, motivational theme mixes with a nostalgic sound to create the perfect emotive mix to share on social media or set to scenes in old-school films.

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Number 2 – Easy Listening 1960 by CineMedia

If there are three words that describe this track they are upbeat, confident and suave. As the name suggests, this track is super easy to listen to and makes for one groovy sound session.

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Number 1 – The Happy Funk by LightBeats

The number 1 track on our countdown today is a sound you can strut to. The beats and rhythm throughout this track are perfect for adding a little flair to any project.

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