10 Best Royalty Free Music Tracks [2021]

Choosing the right music track for your audience is crucial to grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged. We’ve put together a list of Envato Elements top 10 best royalty-free music tracks to help add a little auditory boost to your next project.

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Number 10 – Uplifting Guitar Corporate by LightBeats

Motivational speakers, “feel good” social media channels and various projects that highlight some of the good in the world will benefit from incorporating this track into their work. Your audience will have a seriously good mood coming right up!

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Number 9 – Minimal by penguinmusic

The number 9 track on our countdown today is perfect for building a happy, calming atmosphere. A variety of light, fun tones come together to create a highly versatile track for marketing agencies to keep in their repertoire.

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Number 8 – Epic Heroic by cleanmindsounds

Now, this is a track to evoke emotion and a sense of awe from any audience. They’ll feel as though they’re climbing mountains,
sailing oceans and achieving amazing feats, all within the span of a few minutes.

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Number 7 – Indie Energy Fun by 331

Promote your sporting products with the help of this high energy track and you’ll be running first against your competition for the long haul! Fast-paced fun is the general theme here which is perfectly suited to the sporting industry.

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Number 6 – Is It Hip-Hop by LightBeats

Video promos are a must for contemporary fashion brands in this day and age, and what’s a promo video without a sleek, catchy audio track in the background? Your customers will be tapping their toes as they check out your classy clothes with the help of this royalty-free music track.

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Number 5 – Upbeat Melodic Corporate by TimCat

Typically, you’d use a track like this to back up a corporate presentation full of great news, but we’re not opposed to a little
reverse psychology here. Bad sales figures? Slap this track on in the background of your presentation and lift the mood while you present a step-by-step action plan to turn things around and achieve your goals. We’re not saying it will work…but who knows, right?

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Number 4 – The Happy Funk by LightBeats

A seriously slick bassline, drum beats and a few catchy whistles turn this track into the ultimate good time groove. Set it behind your next promo video or use it to give your YouTube channel a killer vibe.

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Number 3 – Motivational And Cinematic by alexbird

Set your business up for success in your next pitch presentation, product
launch or marketing campaign by utilising the strong, uplifting tones in this royalty-free music track.

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Number 2 – Upbeat Pop Dance by FASSounds

Fun, creative audiences with interests in fashion, the arts, design and lifestyle influencers will fall head over heels with this catchy, pop-style music track. It’s perfect for building an uplifting atmosphere in any form of media.

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Number 1 – Stylish Rock Sport Beat by MS-Records

Taking out the number 1 spot on this countdown is no mean feat but this music track has guts, grit and glory that knows no bounds. As the name suggests, this track is perfectly suited to sports broadcasts and promo videos.

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Did you find a winner for your next project from this Envato Elements top 10 best royalty-free music tracks countdown? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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The music is in your hands now – go and create something amazing!

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