10 Best Relaxing ASMR Sounds [WHISPERED VOICEOVER]

Hello listeners, and welcome. Today we journey through our Envato Elements top 10 best relaxing ASMR sounds. Sit back, relax and let those tingles work their way from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. All items featured in this video are available with a subscription to Envato Elements – find the link in the description below.

Number 10 – Cutting Hair With Scissors by Sound-Ideas

Snip, snip go the scissors. This sound effect is perfect for recreating a trip to the hairdresser and for sending those tantalising sensory shivers up and down the spine. A whole new hairstyle, or just a quick trim? That’s up to you to decide.

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Number 9 – Drops And Bubbles by Cinematic_Designs

Plip, plop, Drip, drop. Water and bubbles are an ever-present feature in ASMR videos. There’s something about the noise of a gently dripping tap and popping bubbles that calms the nerves and soothes the senses.

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Number 8 – Comb Teeth Fingers Stroke Against Edge 1 by prosoundfx

Some people hate it, but ASMR addicts can’t help but love it. The sound of fingers stroking the rigid teeth of a comb is just so satisfying. That’s why it easily made the number 8 spot on our Envato Elements top 10 best relaxing ASMR sounds countdown.

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Number 7 – Brushing Hair Salon Interior Dry Long 2 by prosoundfx

The simple scritching sound of hair being brushed is reminiscent of a trip to the salon with a soothing scalp massage. Detangle, destress and declutter your mind with this spinetingling sound effect.

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Number 6 – Bubble Wrap Light Crinkling Plastic 1 by prosoundfx

Now, this is one ASMR sound that nobody can say no to. The classic crinkle of plastic or bubble wrap is an age-old shiver-inducing, satisfying sound.

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Let’s take a break from the countdown for just a second. Take a deep breath in. Now, a deep breath out. If you’re cool, calm,
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Number 5 – Artist Painting on Canvas by rhumphriesDC Brushstrokes on canvas.

Even if you’re not the most talented artist, there’s still a simple beauty in the sound of painting a picture. Whether it’s a stick figure or a radiant piece of art – the brushstrokes are all that matter to ASMR enthusiasts.

Source: Link

Number 4 – FOLEY OFFICE Keyboard Laptop Type Sequence Slow Soft 03 by SmartSoundFX

Often dubbed an office annoyance, the sound of a tapping keyboard is pure gold to those of us who love a little ASMR goodness in our lives. Tap, tap, tap. Words aren’t enough to describe the feeling of pure satisfaction brought on by an active keyboard.

Source: Link

Number 3 – Horse Chew by prosoundfx

Mukbang videos have taken over the internet. The sounds of chewing, chomping, crunching, munching, slurping and sloshing are all go-to ASMR triggers. Add the sound of this hungry horse crunching a carrot to your ASMR video repertoire.

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Number 2 – EFX INT Writing in Diary with Pencil 01 by collanderson

Writing in a diary is cathartic. Listening to someone writing in a diary is heavenly. The sound of pencil moving across paper isn’t just for ASMR fans, it’s the perfect audio track for arty ads, creative crafters and marketing vids.

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Number 1 – Scratch Wall 7 by prosoundfx

From textured wallpaper to brickwork, walls are the perfect place to let ASMR sounds loose into the world. This wall scratching will send shivers down your spine in only the best way. What an amazing track to finish our countdown with.

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Which sound was your favourite? The keyboard? The comb? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to check out the next video in the queue – it’s be selected especially for you.

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