10 Best Premium DaVinci Resolve Templates [2021]

Davinci Resolve is the new kid on the block when it comes to video editing programs. But it’s quickly growing a reputation as a reliable all-in-one competitor to Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut. And now, making it even more competitive, there’s a whole new market of templates built especially for it to use right here on Envato Elements.

From lower thirds templates to transitions, our community of authors have been busy creating high quality, useful templates for Davinci Resolve users. And here are just a few of the best. This is our list of 10 Premium Davinci Resolve Templates for 2021.

All items featured today are available on Envato Elements. An unlimited subscription service that helps your bring ideas to life. With access to millions of design assets and services, simply download whatever items you want as many times as you want to enhance your creative projects.

Number 10 – Neon Toolkit by centurycreatives

This neon toolkit provides titles and lower thirds templates with an eye-catching neon effect on the text. Featuring a catalogue of different arrangements, easily mix your copy with these sans serif and scripted fonts placeholders. Display your titles, lower thirds and logos in a modern and colorful way with this one. Adjust the size, fonts and colors as you like them, and you’re good to go.

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Number 9 – Inspire Titles – DaVinci Resolve by VProxy

Create visually stunning titles with this template by VProxy. Featuring vivid animated backgrounds and soft, letter by letter animated text, this template will make for a cinematic beginning to any project. The colors are sophisticated, and the layers of particles create breath-taking patterns and textures in the background. Add your text and begin creating magic with this one.

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Number 8 – Modern Motivational Opener by iamtarazz

Mixing 90s nostalgia with contemporary urban style, this template feels retro and modern all at once. Each animation features outlined sans serif text, glitch textures, a squiggly accent and a 90s serif hero font. It uses the font and shape elements to decorate these already slick templates. And produces a style reminiscent of 90s Nike and New Balance ads which are coming back into fashion. “Just do it” with this one.

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Number 7 – Urban Opener by JoeProduction

Create something that feels both modern and edgy with this template by JoeProduction. With a great mix of photo and video placeholders that blend into each other seamlessly, and text placeholders with sharp animations and rugged textures, the whole set of compositions fold into something cohesive. There are nine short placeholders and 17 longer ones. They’re all in full HD and the pack includes a video tutorial.

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Number 6 – On Point by Media_Stock

This template by Media_Stock employs a similar style to the landing pages currently in vogue for most websites. It mixes hero assets, shape elements, patterns and bold colors. And even includes a menu-like section listing Contact, Support and Shop pages. The spinning line design shapes, circular elements and grid patterns make for a playful design. And the template’s structure works as a great showcase for a brand or portfolio of products. If you’re enjoying this video hit the ‘like’ button. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato channel for more DaVinci Resolve templates.

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Number 5 – Hip Hop Intro by GR_studi0

Capture the eyes of your audience with this modern, yet retro hip hop intro by GR_studi0. With smooth transitions, glitch and color overlays and a unique VHS effect, it feels fresh and nostalgic all at once. The text placeholders animate smoothly and look modern and punchy. And the composition, as a whole, has a slickness to it that makes the footage and text pop. Impress your audience with this one.

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Number 4 – Kinetic Typography by imleany

Get that 60s feel with this template by imleany. It blends modern animation with a 60s color and text aesthetic. Think Scooby Doo or James Bond. In gorgeous wavy gradients using pastel colors, watch your copy scroll across the screen in a funnel like 3D arrangement. It’s creative and easy to add your copy to. Add some groove to your video with this.

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Number 3 – Clean Corporate – Modern Presentation // DaVinci Resolve by King_Solomon

Wanting to showcase your portfolio? This is an excellent presentation template for just that. Seamlessly blend high quality photos and videos with bold titles, bullet points and smooth transitions. You’ll have layouts that provide the details of the products or services you provide. And, overall, an excellent showcase of your brand.

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Number 2 – Blade Glitch Titles | DaVinci Resolve by Space-Dog

Catch the eye with these creatively animated glitch titles by Space-Dog. These templates are great for titles and lower thirds. They animate with an eye-popping glitchy RGB effect. And they come in a number of different arrangements, so you’re bound to find one you can use. They’re clean, modern, creative. And a great way to make a fast impression on your audience.

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Number 1 – ToDo Transitions | Transitions Pack for DaVinci Resolve by Power_Bank

From glitch and grid to motion and zoom formations, this pack of Resolve transitions is high quality and easy to use. There are 10 unique categories, 5 types of duration and it works with any resolution and most frame rates. Just pick the one you want to use, add it to your timeline and you’re good to go. That wraps up our list of the 10 Premium DaVinci Resolve Templates for 2021. Which item was your favorite?

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Let us know in the comments below. Check out the description for links of all the items shown today. And find more DaVinci Resolve Templates and awesome free assets for your projects at mixkit.co. Don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ to the Envato channel for more roundups. And check out the next video selected just for you.

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