10 Best Podcast Music Intro Tracks [2021]

Today we’re looking at the 10 Best Podcast Intro Music Tracks for 2021. These gorgeous Intro Music Tracks are a fun way to give your Podcast Brand recognition, making it stand out from the crowd and engaging your listeners from the very beginning! All items featured today are available on Envato Elements.

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Number 10 – Funky Reveal Logo by Nuclearmetal

At number 10 today, we have this funky background beat. With a confident groovy sound, and 4 different variations to choose from, this track would work well to introduce any comedy or interview based podcast.

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Number 9 – Cooking Show Logo by GentleJammers

If you’re looking for an energetic and catchy intro track that pumps your audience up, then look no further than this swinging commercial number. This track would work perfectly to introduce Food and Cooking based podcasts.

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Number 8 – Breaking News Intro by Orchestralis

At number 8 today, we have a sleek and polished Music Intro Track that is perfect for your next News & Current affairs program. With 4 options to choose from, whether you cater to regional or world news audiences, this track is sure to grab their attention.

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Number 7 – Cool Chillhop Transition Ident 1 by TheStoryShop

Next up we have a 10 second Podcast Intro Track with a relaxed ambient vibe. The simplicity & versatility of this track means that it could work well as an intro track across a range of podcast genres; from interviews to entertainment, people and culture, and fashion!

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Number 6 – Fresh Logo by AndySlatter

At number 6 today we have a glitchy melodic dance track with a fun, boppy beat, that is sure to get your audiences motivated! This fresh & fun 25 Second track would be perfectly suited to health and exercise focussed podcasts.

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Number 5 – Heavy Rock Intro by Wolf_Music

Next up we have an aggressive action packed intro track with a heavy grungy beat. This track is fantastic for transporting listeners to the world of Your Podcast, and would be really well suited to Automotive and Car Related shows.

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Number 4 – Dramatic Intro Logo by MarbleSpace

At number four we have a driving cinematic track. This track could suit a myriad of uses, easily elevating the quality of your content by adding that touch of drama, suspense and mystery to your Podcasts!

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Number 3 – Elegant Intro Logo by Enrize

Next up we have a nice short, crisp & clean Podcast Intro Music track that would work well to introduce educational, commercial and business podcasts to name a few.

Source: Link

Number 2 – That Epic Logo by MarbleSpace

Coming in at Number 2 we have a beautiful classic track, combining cinematic strings and dramatic beats to achieve an epic & inspiring driving sound. This track would work fantastically as intro music for documentary or drama related podcasts.

Source: Link

Number 1 – Hip Hop Intro Logo by raspberrymusic

At number 01 today we have this bright & edgy hip hop Intro track. With fun and quirky vocal and drum beats, this track would work perfectly as intro music to fashion, commercial or advertising related Podcasts.

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That wraps up the roundup of the 10 Best Podcast Intro Music Tracks for 2021. Did any of those items capture your imagination? Let us know your favorite in the comments below and open the video description for links to all of the items shown here today.

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