10 Best News Intro Templates for After Effects [2021]

Today werre looking at the 10 Best News Intro Templates for After Effects in 2021. These modern and stylishly designed News Intro Templates allow you to catch your audiences attention in an engaging way that’s sure to keep them tuned in for the duration of your program!

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Number 10 – News Intro by YETYYY

This broadcast ready After Effects News Template seamlessly blends clean designs with smooth animation and punchy typography to create a professional News Intro that puts the visuals first. With a modular structure and a variety of intro styles to choose from, its easy to customise, allowing you to get breaking news to your audience as fast as possible!

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Number 9 – News Intro by alex_kru

Next up we have a sleek News Intro that makes use of beautifully animated text elements, effectively helping you start your news program. This template would be perfect for a region-specific channel, allowing you to customise the city photograph to suit your
specific geographical location.

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Number 8 – News Intro by Ibra-Media

At number 8 today, we have a glowing golden globe intro that has a variety of camera angle & spinning options to choose from. With no plug-ins required, easy customisation and help included, this HD template would work well for worldwide news broadcasts.

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Number 7 – News Channel Pack by RayJohson

Next up we have a versatile News template which includes a variety of opener styles along with multiple animated segments. Its design cleverly allows you to include a snapshot of the days content in your intro, letting your audience catch a glimpse of whats’s to come to keep them tuned in to the show!

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Number 6 – Broadcast 24 News Opening Id by drev0

At number 6, we have a sleek animated intro that features a spinning Rubik’s cube design. This opener can easily incorporate multiple video segments or photographs and with a fully customisable corporate style, this template really is the perfect all rounder.

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Number 5 – News Intro – Political Events by K_Media2020

Our next news intro template brings to life a beautifully animated globe with a variety of close up and wide angle versions to choose from. With a clean and sophisticated design, this template would work well across a variety of professional Broadcast News Types.

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Number 4 – Breaking News Intro by ThirdBracket

At number four we have a stylish and modern News Intro template that features an extruded glass globe and animated text design. Its elegant & simple finish won’t draw too much attention away from the news stories and would work well for world or breaking news segments.

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Number 3 – Daily News Intro by CG-COVER

Next up we have a Daily News Intro template that’s perfect for showcasing the latest visuals and snippets of breaking news right in the opener. With a striking colour palette and sleek animated transitions, this template will effortlessly elevate your news program to a new level and work hard to keeping your viewers attention.

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Number 2 – News Intro by Ibra-Media

With an intro theme featuring an animated timer and spinning golden globe, this News Intro template was designed to be the perfect introduction to pressing and breaking world news items. With multiple layout options to choose from, its sure to help you to get the most up to date news out to your audience in no time!

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Number 01 – News Intro by alex_kru

At number 01 today we have a sleek and polished animated News Intro template that would be well-suited to either regional or world news channels. With a stylish corporate aesthetic that mimics the textures of glass, the clean & minimal design is fit for posting on websites, mobile apps and social media, to make it possible for viewers outside a local station’s viewing area to see its newscasts!

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That wraps up the roundup of the 10 Best News Intro Templates for After Effects in 2021. Did any of those items stand out to you? Let us know your favorite in the comments below and open the video description for links to all of the items shown here today. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the Envato youtube channel for more helpful roundups, and check out the next video selected just for you!

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