10 Best Neon Video Templates [2021]

Eye-catching, bold and unique visual effects are always going to be valuable tools for video editors and marketing professionals,
as well as for individuals who enjoy creating fun video productions in their spare time.

This Envato Elements top 10 best neon video templates list has a range of bright, bold effects for editors to add to their toolkits.

All items featured are available on Envato Elements, a subscription-based service that will give you access to more than a million creative assets that will make you save time, money and general resources. From video stock, fonts, powerpoint templates and everything in between to enhance your projects – find the link in the description below.

Number 10 – Neon by marcobelli

The first addition to our top 10 countdown today is the perfect resource for lovers of classic neon signage, with a modern twist. Choose from 3 backgrounds or use your own and create a sign of your own design, lit up with the help of up to 10 connecting cables for an authentic look.

Soure: Link

Number 9 – Posters Neon by Premiumilk

Step inside a world of stunning colourful video editing assets when you download this amazing neon video template pack. The dynamic designs are well suited to advertising campaign material for start-up tech companies and will boost the immersive experience when utilised in virtual reality programs.

Source: Link

Number 8 – The Neon Sign by snowcake

Now, this pack full of templates is sure to create the neon effect of your dreams. It takes all the best parts of old-school neon signage, including flickering effects, and transforms them into easy to use, editable assets.

Source: Link

Number 7 – Neon Elements by mixmedia87

The number 7 addition to our list of Envato Elements top 10 best neon video templates is jam-packed full of fun! With over 100 different neon elements including road signs, speech bubbles and other sticker-style graphics, this pack has a neon element for every need!

Source: Link

Number 6 – Neon Quotes by MoMotion

This neon effect pack is a creative way for businesses of all sizes, from a range of industries, to enter the spotlight on social media, their own website and other video-based platforms. Quotes, testimonials and other written content will shine when paired with these statement elements.

Source: Link

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Number 5 – Neon by elmake

This dynamic video template runs for just 12 seconds but in that time, it takes viewers on an electrifying journey that leads directly to your chosen logo or text, lit up in an alley with seriously grungy vibes. Streetwear fashion labels, this is the template for you.

Source: Link

Number 4 – Neon Toolkit by ygorfernandess

The flickering glow of neon lights evokes a feeling of adventure and excitement! Entice your target audience to visit your store by creating intriguing video ads with the neon assets in this pack.

Source: Link

Number 3 – Neon Arrow Pack by hgungor

Utilise the many neon arrows in this pack to draw your audiences’ eyes to the focal point of your ad, informational video, business presentation or personal video project. With a range of different arrows to choose from, your content will easily control the room.

Source: Link

Number 2 – Neon Slideshow by miph

This is the perfect slideshow template for fashion labels, musicians, ecommerce stores and other small businesses and creatives to showcase their products, their services and their people in a bright setting.

Source: Link

Number 1 – Neon Plants by studiodav

This pack of leafy green templates is perfect for setting the mood when it comes to marketing and social media content for bars, clubs and swanky restaurants. You can control a range of aspects in each dynamic element including glow, colour and animation settings.

Source: Link

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