10 Best Mobile App Promo Video Templates [2021]

Ok, so you’ve created a mobile app. That’s awesome! Where do you go from here? You’ve got to make a promo video that stands out. Our Envato Elements top 10 best mobile app promo video templates for 2021 collection will show you how.

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Number 10 – Phone App Promotion Toolkit by snowcake

This app promo template contains options for 4 different phone models, 27 readymade animations, dynamic text, modular design
structure and much more! No plugins are required, and a detailed tutorial is included. Beginner app creators, this is one for you!

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Number 9 – Mobile Display For App Promo by bank508

With this mobile app video template, you can easily switch your own videos and images in and out to make sure the right content hits its mark. Text is easily edited and there are multiple scenes included for both phone and tablet. It’s got everything you need!

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Number 8 – Phone 11 Pro Max Presentation – App Promo Mockup by Animated_Promo

This is perfect template to put together an online visualisation slideshow or a promotional video for your new app! The workflow is seamless: import your mobile screen media, add your music, change marketing texts and colors and press the render button. Simple!

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Number 7 – App Promo Phone XS by Nullifier

This promo video template for After Effects makes marketing and showcasing your app super easy. It even includes 3 phone colours so you can show potential investors or clients what the app will look like when used on different devices. Aesthetics sell, people!

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Number 6 – App Promo by Media_Stock

If your app is marketed toward creatives, this is the promo slide template for you. Bright colours, dynamic shapes and bold text flow seamlessly across the screen. On top of that, the resolution can easily be edited to suit your needs. We’re all about sharing the talent of the vast array of Envato creatives.

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Number 5 – Minimal App Promotion by rlg_r2

This minimalist app promotion template for After Effects uses powerful typography, a user-friendly interface and seriously sleek design elements to help app creators showcase their efforts.

Bonus: it’s e-commerce ready so if you’re looking to set up shop, this is the perfect template for you!

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Number 4 – Fast App Promo by Videostones

We live in a fast-paced digital age. Promo videos have to match that speed, or they’ll be left in the dust of their daring competitors. This promo video template takes the lead with engaging elements such as a glitch effect and dynamic typography. Use this template to send your app to the front of the pack.

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Number 3 – G3 – App Promo by DREAMYARD_Visuals

Perfect for any application promo, presentation or explainer, this is one highly versatile template. It includes mockups to suit iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro and Macbook Pro with all device screens including the ability to host your images, videos or UI.

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Number 2 – App Promo by millionframes

This template provides a contemporary and clean design, smooth animations, energetic text, and crisp transitions. It features 39 screen media placeholders and 20 editable text layers. We’re spoiled for choice, really!

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Number 1 – Agilo | Clean Website Presentation Template by Lugansky

Perfect for business apps set to perform in the corporate sphere, this mobile app video template provides the perfect mockup to share your design with clients, consumers, investors – anyone, really!

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Are you ready and rearing now to put together the perfect promo video for your app? Which template do you think will suit your niche? Let us know in the comments.

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Now, use this collection of Envato Elements top 10 best mobile app promo video templates for 2021 for good! Share your amazing app concept with the world.

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