10 Best Logo Stings for Premiere Pro [2021]

A logo sting is a short, impactful animation that should always leave a lasting impression on an audience. We’ve made creating your very own logo sting a simple process by compiling our favourite templates into this Envato Elements top 10 best logo stings for Premiere Pro list.

All items featured are available on Envato Elements, a subscription-based service that will give you access to more than a million creative assets that will help you save time, money and general resources. Subscriptions include video stock, fonts, PowerPoint templates and everything in between to enhance your projects.

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Number 10 – BW Shapes Glitch Intro For Premiere Pro by MotionAlpha

A glitchy intro logo sting template is the perfect way to start this countdown, and to showcase an edgy, grungy brand. Available in both dark and light themes, it’s quite a versatile resource for editors.

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Number 9 – Elegant Outline Logo Reveal (Premiere Version) by AmigoMotion

Perfect for logo reveals, YouTube intros, openers and promo videos, this elegant logo sting template has a subtle shadow effect that highlights the logo in all the right places.

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Number 8 – Flat Glitch Logo Reveal by bma-prod

Premiere Pro makes editing easy but having preset templates like this glitch logo reveal animation makes the work even simpler. With smooth transitions and a range of exciting elements, this template will help your logo shine.

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Number 7 – Liquid Splash Logo by Rechee7

Make a splash with this emphatic paint-splatter style animated logo sting. It’s dynamic, energetic and boasts a highly modern design for innovative brands.

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Number 6 – Elegant Tech Logo Reveal for Premiere Pro by easygraphics

This fully customizable logo sting template is perfect for tech or electronics companies with a contemporary, elegant and stylish brand identity.

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Number 5 – Laptop Logo Reveal by Media_Stock

If your brand needs a modern logo reveal that showcases an affinity for technology, this is the logo sting for you. Combining search bars and bold, bright logos is a fantastic way to make an impression on an audience.

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Number 4 – Glitch Distortion Logo Intro by Atamotion

Distortion, scribbles, grungy themes and glitchy effects all come together to create a graffiti style logo sting with attitude. It’s a great resource for Twitch streamers, YouTube channels and other media professionals.

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Number 3 – Fast Logo by RwTemplates

The futuristic, circuitry themed design of this logo is both sleek and fast-paced, perfectly suited to TV shows, gaming highlights, trailers, product promos and more.

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Number 2 – Liquid Logo Premiere Pro MOGRT by MisterFlashStore

This is a funky, fun and fabulous logo sting template that uses abstract design to create a stunning, impactful impression on any audience. Add this template to your toolkit and it will be a timeless resource that makes editing easy.

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Number 1 – Distort Glitch Title Reveal by kalinichev

This is an amazing logo sting because it combines both retro and futuristic design elements like bright colours, neon light effects and glitchy features. It works on so many levels and is sure to impress your viewers.

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Now that we’ve reached the end of our Envato Elements top 10 best logo stings for Premiere Pro countdown, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the assets we included. Let us know in the comments! If you found this video helpful, please help us out by liking, sharing and subscribing to the Envato channel. We’re always creating new content for video editors, graphic designers and other creatives.

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Now, get out there and create a buzz with a logo sting that makes a long-lasting impression!

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