10 Best Infographic Video Templates [2021]

Including animated infographics in important presentations can make your message much easier for audiences to comprehend but finding engaging and modern infographics to use in presentations can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Use this Envato Elements top 10 best infographic video templates list to discover an array of elements to enhance your audience’s experience.

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Number 10 – Infographic by Taiga2

Perfectly suited to wowing corporate clients and business partners, this infographic template is clean, crisp and dynamic. Moving graphs and charts draw the eye and easily communicate important statistics.

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Number 9 – Infographic designer by ElenaM

This infographic video template pack is out of this world! The graphics are stunning, it’s easy to customise with your own numbers and you can even change the colours to suit your branding. A mix of markers, pie charts, graphs and more make this pack a truly helpful resource.

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Number 8 – Corporate Infographics Vol.30 by IconsX

Sleek, modern elements come together in this animated infographic template pack to lay the analytics on the table and set the facts straight. Any corporate presentation can be taken to the next level by adding the simple air of flair these elements portray.

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Number 7 – Managed Infographic Elements by ConceptCafe

This template pack gives off a slight futuristic vibe with a neon colour scheme and highly versatile animations. All infographic settings are customisable so you can tailor any preset data to match your findings. Schemes, timelines, callouts and more are all included.

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Number 6 – Easy Infographic For Premiere by MotionWizardStudio

A simple bundle that makes your life and the lives of the people you report to, much easier. Monday morning meetings will be something to look forward to when you jazz up your reports with these easy-to-use infographics.

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Number 5 – Infographics Charts Pack by DREAMYARD_Visuals

Contained in this pack are 28 Charts with a highly modern design to help you create minimalistic infographics for all your reporting needs. From bar graphs to pie charts, your data has never looked this good!

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Number 4 – Infographics by Real-Motion

150 scenes, dark and light colour themes, diagrams, pie charts, graphs, world maps, widgets and more! This infographic video template pack is highly versatile and holds everything you need to create stunning visuals to accompany important business presentations.

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Number 3 – Infographic Maker I MOGRT for Premiere Pro by Aquavitae

Transform large volumes of data or company information into elegant, fully animated infographics with the number 3 template pack in this countdown. Video infomercials, sales pitches and business meetings no longer need to be dull. Use this resource to spice things up a little.

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Number 2 – HUD Dashboard Infographics by Premiumilk

See your business stats up in lights or darkness with this contemporary animated video dashboard. Light and dark options, fully editable elements, modern themes and a number of charts and graphs combine to bring the data behind your business to the forefront.

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Number 1 – Corporate Infographics Charts Pack by MotionMediaGroup

For corporate professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone else who needs to present data in a meaningful, comprehensible way, this pack works wonders! Use stunning infographics in your brand colours to show investors, stakeholders and potential clients just how successful your business can be.

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