10 Best Glitch Templates [2021]

Though glitches are often seen as errors or faults in media, they can also be used as an interesting, engaging and creative tool for video editors across multiple industries. We’ve compiled all our Envato Elements top 10 best glitch templates into this handy countdown so you can easily access them.

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Number 10 – Glitch Transitions by maxafter1

Kicking off our countdown is a glitch effect that’s easy to download and add to your chosen media. If you’re trying to replicate the effect of a bad signal on a television, this template is perfectly suited with both black and white and colourised glitches throughout.

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Number 9 – Fast Glitch Opener by EquinoxCG

A modern glitch effect for modern creatives, this editing tool has been purposefully created to be highly adaptable. Whether you’re marketing to the exhilarating travel industry or the energetic fitness industry, this template will help sell your video production.

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Number 8 – Minimal Photographer Glitch Logo Intro Reveal by xFxDesigns

This is a seriously useful tool for photographers, film studios and other like-minded businesses because this effect perfectly captures the glitchy snapshot animation of a camera taking a photo.

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Number 7 – Glitch Logo Intro Pro by miseld

As far as glitches go, the number 7 addition to our Envato Elements top 10 best glitch templates countdown is one of the more chaotic effects. With shuddering colours and disjointed lines, this template has been designed specifically to make a lasting impact on viewers.

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Number 6 – Glitch Modern Titles & Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro by motionshape

Creating a truly mesmerising effect, this glitch template is a valuable resource for filmmakers, creative business entrepreneurs and freelance video editors, just to name a few. Utilising glitch typography in credits helps take any media in an edgy direction.

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Number 5 – Distort Glitch Title Reveal by kalinichev

This action-packed title reveal contains stunning animations, bright colours and bold text to complement the striking digital glitch effect. Watch as your title is punched into frame with an energy that will immediately capture your audience’s attention.

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Number 4 – Glitch Reflection Logo Reveal by Nmotion

Set an energetic tone for your streaming channel or video game brand with a high-tech glitch effect like this one. Your logo will be blipped into view as it twists across the screen in a glitchy state, only to appear clear as day as the animation comes to an end.

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Number 3 – Glitch Transitions for Premiere Pro by CultVideo

This versatile pack of glitch transitions for Premiere Pro is useful for a wide range of projects across almost any industry. With 90+ effects to choose from, your vlog, travel video, film, video ad or cinematic production will thank you for injecting it with a little glitchy pizzazz.

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Number 2 – 70 Glitch Title Animation Presets Pack | Glitch Text Maker by xFxDesigns

This highly advanced glitch maker will transform your plain text into a breathtaking animated visual show. It will bring colour, life and an unmistakable edge to the words on your screen so you can tell your story with style.

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Number 1 – Glitch Distortion Logo Intro by Atamotion

Our number 1 entry on this list is the ultimate glitch template for video editors. It’s got dynamically animated distortion, scribbles, grunge and glitching effects. It’s so easy to use as well! Just drop in your logo, change the colors to match your brand and hit render.

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Now you’re ready to take your video editing up a notch with the Envato Elements top 10 best glitch templates on this countdown. Which one caught your attention the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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