10 Best Fast Typography Templates [2021]

High-energy industries need high-energy marketing. High-energy marketing means bold content and dynamic typography. We compiled our best typography templates for these markets here in our Envato Elements top 10 best fast typography templates countdown.

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Number 10 – Typography Opener by shymoff

Create a fast-paced atmosphere for any audience with this energetic template that has raced to the start of our list today. Bright colours, fast transitions and geometric shapes all work together with bold typography to engage viewers.

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Number 9 – Bright Typography by mushuk

Large fonts take the spotlight in this eye-catching presentation template. It’s perfectly suited to social media video marketing for travel brands, sporting goods distributors, and impactful photography portfolios.

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Number 8 – Typography by Therealist_Shop

Trendy text effects are applied to premium kinetic typography, making this video the perfect addition to a website or blog. Use it to effectively market your products or services in a style that’s as hyperactive as a 5-year-old with a bag of sweets.

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Number 7 – Glitch Typography by Therealist_Shop

The number 7 addition to our list of Envato Elements top 10 best fast typography templates countdown is packed full of 66 mixable
kinetic typography elements. The drag and drop glitch effects and fast rendering make it super easy to edit.

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Number 6 – Stomp Typography by Sm-motion

Pair your own powerful imagery and videography with the fast typography in this template to create a jarring yet engaging effect to keep any audience enthralled with the message you’re trying to convey.

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Now, let’s find out the top 5 entries in our Envato Elements top 10 best fast typography templates list.

Number 5 – Kinetic Typography by Promak

Great copy paired with energetic video content is the perfect way to boost sales and increase engagement. No matter what words
you need to accentuate, this is one of the best typography templates to help your copy stand out.

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Number 4 – Chaotic Typography by YETYYY

This template pack includes 20 professionally designed typography posters with 13 infinite loops and 7 scenes with versatile animation. No plugins are required, making this a highly desirable resource for beginner and pro editors alike.

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Number 3 – Typography Promo by REDVFX

Smooth transitions and bold fonts pair up with stylish shapes to create a modern, impactful and highly effective promo template
for use in After Effects. This template will be an asset for businesses in fashion, design and other creative industries.

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Number 2 – Typography Glitch Promo by anst-design

With abstract elements and dynamic motion, this fast typography template pack makes it way too easy to promote your next project, market your brand or share your personal and professional ideas.

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Number 1 – Typography by Deattive

Available in social media post and story formats, as well as in 4K, the number 1 template on our list today simply sells. It includes stunning design aspects, effective transitions and, of course, big, bold typography.

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Would you use the items on this Envato Elements top 10 best fast typography templates list in your next project? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Now, get out there and tell your story with fast typography!

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