10 Best Fashion Video Templates for Premiere Pro [2021]

Whether it’s fashion photography or a catwalk captured on film, choosing the right video template to showcase clothing and accessories in presentations is crucial to business success. In this Envato Elements top 10 best fashion video templates for Premiere Pro countdown, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourites.

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Number 10 – White Fashion Promo by TranSMaxX

If you need a modern, clean design to complement your forward-thinking fashion industry exploits, look no further than this fashion video template. There’s space for editing with text, images and video so all bases are covered.

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Number 9 – Trendy Fashion Promo by Quarz

Promote your upcoming fashion show in style with this template that has been specially created to capture the attention of even the most disengaged audience. Geometric elements, glitch effects and colourful design aspects make this a seriously stunning video template.

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Number 8 – Stylish Stomp Opener by BRAXXU

The number 8 addition to our Envato Elements top 10 best fashion video templates for Premiere Pro list will leave a striking impression on any viewer. The big, bold typography is essential in helping this template for Premiere Pro absolutely rock the catwalk.

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Number 7 – Fashion Promo by Mirs

This glamourous template is perfect for promoting clothing and accessories via social media advertising. Smooth transitions
between frames and modern design elements only add to the overall appeal of this asset.

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Number 6 – Social Media Stories by BlackMotionAE

Utilising this template pack to tap into the power of social media stories is a surefire way to boost sales, gain new customers and keep consumers engaged and obsessed with your fashion designs and products.

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Now, let’s find out the top 5 entries…

Number 5 – Dynamic Fashion // Glitch Logo

Opener by Proskurovskiy This stylish template is full of bold, glitchy goodness that’s completely on point for the trendy fashion industry. Use this opener to introduce your latest clothing line, promote a sale or open a fashion show TV broadcast.

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Number 4 – Fashion by efline

Using this template with dynamic transitions, beautiful colour effects, easy customisation and stylish design elements, you can create stunning videos for your ecommerce site, YouTube channel or social media story.

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Number 3 – Minimal Promo by i-Minimalist

Modern typography, a cinematic video style and a minimalistic vibe all work together in this template to create a presentation
that is perfectly suited to the fashion industry. Whether you’re a photographer, professional editor, small business owner
or something in between, this template is pure gold.

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Number 2 – Modern Stories For Premiere Pro by Power_Bank

Tap into the urban, grunge aesthetic of this fashion story template pack to highlight all the best features of your streetwear, sportswear or casual clothing brand.

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Number 1 – Fashion Promo by Majoroff

Use photos or video footage in this template to promote your new fashion label, create a highlight reel of a recent fashion show
or simply put together a dynamic, modern portfolio of your fashion photography and videography skills. This template is versatile enough to suit every need. Thanks for tuning in!

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