10 Best Epic Music Tracks [2020]

Pairing your content with the right epic music track can send a shiver down the spine and deliver an emotional punch right when you need it most. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of songs that will help keep your audience on the edge of their seats and complement moments of suspense or bravery. Get ready for a thrilling and motivating ride: it’s time for the 10 Best Epic Music tracks for 2020.

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Number 10 – Action Adventure Trailer Intro Emotional by 331

If you’re looking for a track with a sense of urgency, we’ve got what you need right here. Widescreen strings build to a soaring crescendo, before fading to black with a determined piano riff.Use this song for action packed videos and movie trailers to take your audience on a journey they’ll never forget.

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Number 9 – To The Epic by DmitriySimf

Conjure up images of distant lands, exotic sights, and memories waiting to be made with a track that sounds like wanderlust feels. Our choice for travel vlogs and photo slideshows; it recreates that nervous optimism you get in your stomach just before you embark on something new.

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Number 8 – Epicness by OlexandrIgnatov

A track that evokes determination in the face of your fears or doubters. We can see this one accompanying a montage of the long days and longer nights spent working on your business idea. This song would pair nicely with a company overview video or epic product launch promo.

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Number 7 – Is Epic by MusicalSmile

A confident build-up that sparkles with enthusiasm and professionalism. Let your audience know that they’re in for something special as you share your company’s achievements, the obstacles along the way, and all the ups and downs in between with this song as your backing track.

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Number – 6 Epic by AllenGrey

Cavernous drums and searing synthesizers combine to make this track a firecracker of excitement and drama. What’s more, the delicate use of space, pianos, and delay effects mean that there’s just the right amount of calm before the storm hits. This track is the perfect match for game trailers and adventure films.

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Number 5 – Epically by cleanmindsounds

Epically features an electronic riser that guides the listener into a flurry of strings in this balanced yet relentlessly energetic track. This modern take on the epic song is ideal to promote apps for social change or as a promo for futuristic gadgets.

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Number 4 – The Epic Trailer by florews

Grab an overpriced snack of choice and, for the love of Morgan Freeman, turn off your phone, because this track was made for the multiplex. This tune was produced with a high-budget thriller in mind and, oh boy, does it nail the vibe. Totally Oscar-worthy!

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Number 3 – Epic On by MS-Records

This track is led by a whirlwind of strings that will take you on an emotional journey. The awe-inspiring song is tailor-made for the corporate world and current affairs: think news channel intros, business conference openers or political content.

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Number 2 – The Epic Technology by GoodIdeaProduction

A groovy, 80s-inspired synth-wave epic that transports you to the world of chunky sci-fi space stations and scissor-door Lamborghinis at the same time. Use this electronic track on science and technology slideshow presentations to inspire your audience to look to the future!

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Number 1 – Epic Sport Trailer by Wolf_Music

Sawtooth synthesizers and skittering drums make this one a thunderbolt of pure energy. From extreme car racing to a compilation of the most dramatic moments in sporting history; this kinetic track simply demands your audience sit up and take notice as they watch reel after reel of superhuman sporting feats.

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And that was our countdown of the 10 Best Epic Music Tracks for 2020, which one was your favorite? Join the conversation and leave us your answer in the comments below.

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Reference: https://envato.com/blog/best-epic-music-tracks/

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