10 Best Corporate Motivational Tracks [2021]

It’s a well-known fact that music pushes and pulls on human emotions. When preparing for a corporate sales pitch, an exhibition or a presentation of any kind, including motivational music like the pieces featured in this Envato Elements top 10 best corporate motivational tracks is a great way to wow your crowd.

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Number 10 – Upbeat Inspiring Corporate by kornevmusic

This track sounds like a ray of sunlight shining down on everyone who hears it. It’s a fabulous tune to accompany a feel-good story or an upbeat corporate presentation and will bring a world of joy to your audience.

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Number 9 – Upbeat Uplifting Pop Corporate by TimCat

With melodic guitar strums and harmonic synth tones, the number 9 addition to our countdown is the perfect way to brighten someone’s day. Set it up with a video portfolio of your products to portray a fun, energetic aesthetic.

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Number 8 – Progress by BrownHouseMedia

Progress is a track for all industries that need a little corporate music to liven them up! Finance, tech, education – it doesn’t matter. This versatile mood-lifter is perfectly suited to business meetings, conferences, presentations and more.

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Number 7 – Uplifting Guitar Corporate by LightBeats

Gentle guitar notes are plucked to create a feeling of calm and joy within listeners in the number 7 track on our list of Envato Elements top 10 best corporate motivational tracks. An overlay of chimes and snare is the perfect background mix.

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Number 6 – Enjoy the Experience by BrownHouseMedia

Spark up investors, boost sales and get people excited about your business propositions when you add this corporate music track to future presentations and pitches. Perfect for the modern entrepreneur, this contemporary tune is uplifting and easy listening.

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Now, let’s finish off the top 5…

Number 5 – Tech Inspiring Corporate by Enrize

This light techno beat is toe-tappingly good! It’s the perfect background track to set behind a presentation that outlines forward-facing ideas and the latest innovations in the technological industry.

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Number 4 – Upbeat Melodic Corporate by TimCat

Watch as your audience’s minds and hearts swell with inspiration as this melodic tune carries them through your next exhibition, presentation or speaking occasion. You’ll win them over in no time at all with this optimistic corporate music track!

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Number 3 – For Upbeat by SilverHoof

Make any event magical with this upbeat melody playing behind a video presentation or simply as background music while guests are mingling. Chimes and guitar strums mix perfectly with keyboard notes to create a cool calm, collected atmosphere.

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Number 2 – Inspirational Good Vibes by gilv

A festive vibe rings out with each note of this delightful track. Showcase your products, artwork, services or personal brand with this sound as an accompaniment and you’ll be sure to win clients, customers and followers galore!

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Number 1 – Upbeat by LuckyBlackCat

Catchy chords, brilliant beats and vibrant notes come together in our number 1 track on this list to make for a super heart-warming, highly upbeat vibe. Don’t leave your audience’s mood to chance. Guide them into a calm, open, inspired perspective at your next presentation with this sweet sound.

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