10 Best Broadcast Packages [2021]

The entertainment industry is constantly broadcasting content. News outlets, film projects, online streams – media is all around us. So, for the creatives who work in the industry, we’ve put together a list of Envato Elements top 10 best broadcast packages to make your job a little easier.

All items featured are available with a subscription to Envato Elements – find the link in the description below.

Number 10 – Broadcast Screen Package by Premiumilk

A contemporary 3D cinema design provides the perfect screen to showcase fashion, food, sporting and auto goods. Any products are sure to take centre stage with the help of this broadcast template package.

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Number 9 – My TV Broadcast Package by Pixflow

Introducing and promoting the next episode of a binge-worthy TV show is an easy feat when using the number 9 broadcast package on our list. From lower thirds to credits – this pack has it all.

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Number 8 – Multi-Platform NEWS Graphics ToolKit for Premiere Pro by framestore

This adaptable toolkit has been created with all forms of media in mind. Whether you’re streaming news on the web, TV or mobile app services, these graphics are fully customisable to suit your program.

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Number 7 – Clean Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt by Zorrin

With a neat circular design style and bright contrasting colours, this is one of the best broadcast packages for television,
YouTube and social media figures looking to lift the randing of their channel.

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Number 6 – The Complete World Weather Forecast ToolKit by framestore

This super versatile weather forecast toolkit is an amazing resource for news stations. It contains a huge array of forecast tables, icons, graphics and openers as well as maps for single countries, regions, continents and full global capabilities.

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Now, let’s get back to the breaking news of our top 5 additions to this list of Envato Elements top 10 best broadcast packages!

Number 5 – Business Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt by Proskurovskiy

The 80+ graphic elements in this broadcast template package are clean, sophisticated and perfect for use in any business-related vlog, YouTube channel, TV show, movie or other media production.

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Number 4 – Virtual Studio Set – S01 by HardEdgeie

This innovative virtual studio set package is based on real-life broadcasting shows. The camera movements, presenter placements, even the layout of the studio are all carefully constructed with an actual newsroom setting in mind.

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Number 3 – Clean TV – Stylish Broadcast Pack by Zorrin

Effectively communicate your brand’s message with this stylish broadcast pack containing templates for bumpers, logos, openers,
commercial breaks, lower thirds and much, much more. This truly is the full broadcasting package.

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Number 2 – Awards | Cinematic And Luxary Titles by George_Fx

Gorgeous bokeh style animation and luxurious design elements make this template perfect for promoting a night to remember at the cinema, theatre, awards ceremony or whatever high-profile event you’re working on.

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Number 1 – News Channel Pack by RayJohson

It’s easy to see why this extensive pack of modern news broadcast elements has come in at number 1 on this list. It takes a multi-faceted approach with slick transitions and engaging text panels to help your news channel stand out from the rest.

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Now you’re ready to broadcast your exciting media to the world with the Envato Elements top 10 best broadcast packages on this countdown. Which one stood out to you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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